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"Creativity is intelligence having fun"
- Albert Einstein

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Flyer Mike Designs motto is “taking your brand to new heights”.

We work to understand the ultimate needs of the brands we collaborate with, and use sheer creativity to offer them refreshing marketing solutions.

We aim to save our partners time and energy by integrating ourselves into their work culture, and creating marketing campaigns that resonate with their unique styles.

That means more time to focus on what you do best!

"taking your brand to new heights"

meet the c.e.o


Michael Riley, founder and CEO, began designing during his collegiate years at University at Albany. His journey started in 2012 when he learned how to use Adobe Photoshop to create event flyers solely by watching YouTube tutorial videos. “I had to imagine the finished product. Once I had a solid concept in mind, I searched YouTube for tutorials that showed me how to create each element of the project”.


Becoming a self-taught graphic designer required thousands of hours of trial and error, but Michael finally found his niche in the design world and officially launched Flyer Mike Designs in 2019.


At the very top of 2020, COVID-19 changed the way we all lived our daily lives. Like many entrepreneurs at this time, Michael began to shift his focus to larger goals. Design came as a natural talent, but learning new skills to improve offerings - such as social media management and web development - took time and a lot of patience to hone. Ultimately, these new skills would make him a powerhouse in the marketing realm.


“You have to be willing to continuously learn new things and take in new information in order to grow with the times. Learning new skills put my business on a new but exciting trajectory. My goal now is to help at least 50 businesses run successful marketing campaigns by 2025.”

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